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Roland Reinstadler

Roland grew up in the Alps of South-Tyrol, where he still resides and works. While maintaining strong ties to the particularly beautiful region he calls home, photography subsequently became a crucial force in his life. His main interest lies in exploring human values, different ways of living, traditions and the interconnectedness of human-beings at large.

A self-taught photographer, Roland deepened his intuitive way to capturing the world around him at the Eddie Adams workshop, The Missouri Photo Workshop and in workshops with renowned photographers like Ed Kashi, Andreas Bitesnich, Fausto Podavini and others. 

Melissa Farlow (National Geographic) immediately realized his talent and continues to be an encouraging voice in his career as a photographer. Roland’s photographs have been published in numerous international magazines such as Washington Post (online), STERN Magazin, National Geographic, Corriere della Sera, Der Spiegel (online), Die Zeit (online), et al.

His first monograph about one of the last traditional mountain farmers near his home, »Gspell 111« has been published by Kehrer Verlag, 2022, widely known for its exquisite photography books.