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Gspell 111
Mountain farmers in the Alps – The last of their kind

Roland Reinstadler

Over the course of many years, the South Tyrolean photographer Roland Reinstadler accompanied the life of a mountain farming family in the Passeier Valley, which is determined by weather and the rhythm of the seasons. With impressive images, Gspell 111 tells the story of a family that still lives completely in a very traditional way in the mountains of South Tyrol. While the elderly farmer Siegfried and his son Florian live the whole year on the farm, which is partly cut off from the outside world during the winter months, Katharina, the wife and mother, spends only the summer on the centuries-old farm. The book provides insight into the once meager and very deprived life in the mountains, a life that exists in this form only very rarely – »the last of their kind,« so to speak.

24 x 32cm
112 pages
60 color illustrations
English, German
ISBN 978-3-96900-062-5
2022, published by Kehrerverlag

Melissa Farlow, Werner Graf, Harald Haller, Albin Pixner, Roland Reinstadler


Kehrer Design (Lisa Drechsel)

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Roland Reinstadler Gspell 111 [PDF]

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Paris Photo
11. November 2022